Italy Treno Veloce, a Pleasant Experience

Italy Freccia Rossa speed train

Italy Freccia Rossa speed train

Italy most effective transportation system

I’m writing this while traveling on the Italian Freccia Rossa (red arrow high speed train) the brother of the famous French T.G.V. (fast train) going from Venice to Florence and then to my hometown of Assisi.

It is the first time I’ve ridden on one of these new generation Italian trains, I rode the old EuroStar but never had the chance to experience this relatively new way of travel.

It is turning out to be a very pleasant experience.

The price was affordable about €63. We departed in perfectly Swiss-style timing at 10:54AM form Venezia-Mestre. I got a free newspaper of my choice, a snack of Taralli, little bites of lightly salted chunky crackers from Puglia (there were biscotti as well), a small bottle of mineral water, and a chocolate sweet treat.

I’m using my computer thanks to a freely available power plug and my wireless connection. The seat in front of me is far enough away to give me plenty of room and I’m enjoying the comfort of a business “salottino”, no surcharge with a reservation, a semiprivate compartment that’s nice and quiet and separated by a door that I keep closed.

After one hour and half we just left Bologna and we are moving quickly toward Florence where we should arrive in about 55 minutes.

A very interesting experience that I will be happy to repeat in a couple of days when I have to travel to Naples.

And I might tell you more about it.

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