Life is Theatre! Everybody get a mask! VENICE CARNEVALE

Beautiful Venetian mask

VENICE 4-21 February/2012

As for the past 30 years Venice is gearing up to celebrate another unforgettable Carneval, the happening calendar is ready, tickets for the various celebrations are getting really scarce, rooms in town are rapidly disappearing the wait is get spasmodic and “Veneziani” very excited about this historical tradition.

Every night the Grand Theatre of St. Mark Square will be the location for parties, dances, parades, live music and entertainment. The famous piazza will become the central stage of this International kermes.

The clue of this giant celebration will be the: “The Angel Flight” a tradition that goes by to the Hay days of La Serenissima Republic, it consist of an unknown guest of Venice, normally a famous sport person, or singer of a movie star. Thi person, attached to a rope will be flying from the bell tower top to the middle of the famous square. Here is a list of the celebrities that in the last seven years participated in this event:
– 2005: Carolina Marconi, model and actress;
– 2006: Manuela Levorato, sprinter;
– 2007: Federica Pellegrini, Olympic Gold swimmer;
– 2008: Coolio, rap singer, with a costume by Moschino;
– 2009: Margherita Maccapani Missoni, actress, with a costume by Missoni;
– 2010: Bianca Brandolini d’Adda, model, with a costume by Giambattista Valli;
– 2011: Silvia Bianchini, winner of the beauty contest of the Festa delle Marie 2010, with a costume by Emanuela Finardi and Stefano Nicolao.

This theme for this year edition will be “Life is a Theatre! Everybody gets a mask! Beginning is set for February 4th.

Here is the program.

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