Exclusive Olive Oil from Umbria

Delicious Olive Oil flows at the end of the process.

New “Extraction” System

Exceptional Quality & Taste

Our Extra Virgin olive oil is produced by a small farm called “Il Molino del Fattore” and it is made exclusively with olives harvested on the hills stretching from Assisi to Spoleto in Umbria. There is no match to the quality of this oil and to its inherent health benefits.

This oil is extracted with an innovative modern system designed to keep all the organoleptic properties intact during the entire process. The olives are crushed with a slow speed mechanical machine that does not create any heating of the “paste” (olive pit & pulp). It is then worked like a dough in a “gramolatrice,” a totally modern computer controlled air-tight machine that provides the “frantoiano” (oil master) the option of working the paste to the desired density at a very low temperature 75ºF -24ºC to preserve the quality and insure the highest health benefits and superior taste. This process is done with modern stainless equipment to guarantee maximum hygiene throughout.

The Extra Virgin D.O.P. oil is a blend of three of the most common olives cultivated in Central Italy; they are Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio. This is an excellent oil for all cooking purposes, sautéing and exquisite for salads, dipping and for streaming on grilled meats and vegetables.

The single varietal Lyris, also a D.O.P. is made with 100% Moraiolo olives harvested early in the season when the fruit is not fully ripened. This is a distinctive noble oil with a nice bite, perfect for dipping, and for finishing dishes that benefit from a fresh and fruity stream of very complex oil. It’s also delicious over pasta with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and pepper and on grilled meats and vegetables. Taste a teaspoon of this oil to fully appreciate its complexity, fruitiness, light bitterness and spicy aftertaste.

Our 2011 harvest olive oil is not available anywhere in the USA.

Right: he DOP - Left: the Lirys

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