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Gabriele has skillfully crafted and honed over the course of 25 years itineraries that show you the Italy that only natives and locals know. Browse these itineraries as starting points, and then create your own adventure.
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What's your vision when you think about traveling to Italy? In your travels to Italy, do you see yourself exploring small villages or mixing with the fashionable in Italy's most elegant cities? Do you like adventure or tranquility? Do you have a passion for art and architecture? How about a romantic Italian Honeymoon? Maybe you would like to stay for a few months and live like the locals! Whatever you desire, your trip to Italy can be the most magnificent experience of a lifetime. Whether your dream includes the David in Florence, the Colosseum in Rome, the opera in Verona, the spectacular vistas in Amalfi, or the exuberance of Italian life, your trip to Italy will stay with you forever. is © 2001-2024 Gabriele's Travels to Italy. All rights are reserved.
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